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Monday, June 4, 2007

My baby book does not have a lot of information. I am often teased it is because I am the third child. It may be true, I am sure my brother's, who is the oldest child, is loaded with every detail of pooh and drool. I am not sure what my excuse is...Chase and Ryder do not have a baby book filled in with any pertinent information as of yet. I take notes and promise it will be done before they are one, but time is ticking.....
Anyway, what my baby book does say, often, is that I was a great eater. This is another thing I am teased about. I think, if nothing else, I could put the same information into Chase's book. This could possibly be the only proof he is my son, other than that I bore him, since he seems to be all Todd.
It is true. Chase is a great eater. He chews well. He eats anything we give him. He eats faster than we are able to give him bits and he shovels it in with both hands. It is rather impressive. He has been a good eater since we started him with the food and he continues to improve daily.
He also is finally grasping the concept of the cup, which is an area that Ryder seems to excel in. Though grasping the concept, he remains to be a sipper (another trait he gets from me!!) where Ryder is a bit more of a chugger (perhaps he gets that from Todd?)
Just this morning I gave them their morning formula in their cups. Ryder did pretty well, taking 3-4 oz of the 8 before resorting back to the bottle. Chase took 3 or 4 sips before going back to the bottle, which he never finished. Tomorrow is another day for that.

So, eventually I will do their books, and if nothing else let it proclaim that Chase is a good eater, just like his mommy was at his age.

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