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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beach Bummer

We had the boys on the beach for the first time. About a month ago we took them for a stroll on the beach, but their feet never touched the sand. This time, we let them roll around. We had a very large blanket, which we laid out. We put the boys, a bunch of toys, and ourselves down upon it and watched to see how they would react. Both boys approached the end of the blanket, looked at the change in texture, used their pointer fingers to touch the sand, and almost immediately pulled it away, as if it was very hot (it was not.) They did this several times before losing interest and returning to the toys on the blanket. Todd and I then picked them up and put their feet in the sand. Ryder did not really like it, but it was Chase who cried. He cried and jumped right back into my arms finding very little enjoyment in the experience. This made us laugh. Relentless, we tried again only to get the same results. Once back on the blanket, however, both boys enjoyed an hour by the ocean, with the sand a whole layer beneath them. Todd and I found it relaxing too and may have even caught a few zzz's if only we did not have fingers trying to pull out our eyeballs. Somehow, even that, is more enjoyable by the ocean.
The next day we ventured out again. This time it was a real beach day, bathing suits and all. Although the reaction to the sand was improved, Chase still was not all that interested in having his feet in it. Ryder slowly adjusted and before long he was eating sand like a meal. Despite several warnings from the parents of other sand eaters, we never did find it in his diaper. Perhaps he is able to digest the fine grains of Margate? We were able to enjoy (or endure?) several hours on the beach, and were able to relax for a bit when the boys napped in their stroller. It will take some getting used to, but not before long will they become beach bums.

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