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Monday, June 25, 2007

Bottles Be Gone!

We transitioned the boys from formula to milk, from bottles to cups. I had anticipated this transition for a bit and even sought advice from the experienced. It turned out to be no big deal. I had begun preparing for this day for about a month. I started giving the boys their morning formula in the sippy cups. It was not going all that well, however. A few ounces at most was all they would take before they would cry for their bottles. COLD TURKEY. That was the advice. We decided to listen. We ran out of formula on Friday, 15 days before their 1st birthday. So, we just bought milk and poured it into a cup. The boys did not miss a beat. They started immediately drinking from the cups, which prior to this day they had no interest in and they did not seem to notice or care that it was no longer formula. Perhaps potty training will be that easy?! I suppose they were just ready and being ready for a change is half the battle.
They now drink milk with their meals, and of course they are taking far less ounces than they did of the formula. As a result, they are eating a lot more and I am not sure sharing ONE of anything will ever be enough for them again.
I can tell you I am thrilled to not have to buy 8 cans of formula for $300 every two weeks. I am thrilled to not have to wash the well, or the straw, or the nipple of the Dr. Browns anymore. And, thought it will be interesting to buy milk every few days this seems like a much better phase. Bye bye bottles, bye bye similac, perhaps I will see you again, but bye bye for now!!

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