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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Home Depoo

We are renovating the boys bathroom. By renovating, we mean demolishing and starting again from the ground on up. The boys certainly did not need a brand new bathroom yet, but a leaking pipe caused us to rearrange our project list putting their bathroom right at the top. When it is done the boys will have a bigger and nicer bathroom then their parents.
It was a large project to begin with, but has become a total mess in the 6 days since it began. We have a plumber we use who won't install anything from Home Depot. When we did our powder room using his expertise we had to shop elsewhere. We did. We went against his policies this go round. We figured we weren't using him for the install and being a kids bathroom why not save a few bucks. Shame on us. It has been a total disaster and if anyone reads my blog let this be a warning to be cautious before going through Home Depoo for your renovations. To list the disasters in no particular order we have: 1. the wrong tub (wrong color, wrong drain side) was sent to us. We told them of this mistake, which is currently holding up the renovation, and despite our arguing, both kindly and angrily, they have not expedited the shipping of the new tub. We were first told Tuesday, then after being told "we are not liars, but perhaps we misunderstood" we were told emphatically Thursday. Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. He repeated it a number of times. On Thursday we found out the tub comes Monday. I do believe we were accused of "misunderstanding" again. No further work can be done on this bathroom until we receive the tub. This is now a total of 4 days lost, all of which we intend to charge to Home Depoo. 2 and 3: They sent us the wrong wall hutch, which in turns makes it the wrong vanity top. Both need to be reordered and are not expected to arrive before July 2nd. This makes a 5 day project into a minimum of 3 weeks, all time lost, all which we expect to be compensated for. In addition, we received chipped and scratched vanity doors, medicine cabinets were never ordered, and the customer service we have been receiving is about as good as you give to a piece of shit. We have never seen anything like it. Todd and I have been tag team dealing with the assorted managers and expediter and both of us have been calm, kind, stern and willing to forgive the mistakes if they attempted at taking care of them. We have both also needed to be a bit more angry and tough, which is also getting us nowhere. Home Depot has lost a customer and we will be spreading the word. The boys bathroom will look great when this is over and we will move on and get over this inconvenience, but we won't be heading to home depoo for anything else, ever again.


Ma Pierce said...

My coworker has boycoted home depot forever after a terrible experience with a kitchen remodel.

Totalrenovering said...

That's a very bad news Ma Pierce. But this blog is interesting for me. At least we saw and read one good post here online.

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Anonymous said...

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