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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jump Start!

A few weeks ago I enrolled in Boot Camp because I felt I need a little jump start to my overall improvement of my health.

Today, I got a much more literal jump start to my morning.

Ryder has never met a button he didn't love to push.  The car is his imaginative minds playground.  A push here and the wipers swoosh.  A push there and the Hazards blink.  A poke here and the interior lights go on.  There, the sunroof opens. And all these things can swoosh, and blink, and open and close simultaneously.  How cool is that?

I have gotten used to getting into my car at night time without interior lights on, or with the wipers moving or the turn signal blinking.  These are all part of my Ryder Clause.  But, to get in it and have the car not start was not something I had expected.  Especially on a school morning.  In the pouring rain.

But, this is exactly what happened despite Todd checking the car (and it working) this morning before he left for work.  He had to do so because the battery was actually killed last night when he was home to jump it.   So, I was on my own this morning.  Normally, in such a circumstance, I would wait for AAA and get my membership's fee worth.  But, I did not have an hour to wait if I wanted the boys to go to school.  Which I did.  I really, really did!

My cleaning lady was at the house.  So, I used Bianca's car to jump start mine.  I had Todd on the phone walking me through the process.  I do understand the concept of jump starting a battery.  I know I have even done it before.  But, I thought I was relieved from such duties when I said "I do."   Isn't the exchange for picking Todd's underwear up from the floor daily the right to never jump start a car again?  Or take out the trash?

Todd thinks so, because he offered to come home.  20 minutes I would have to wait.  So, I just did it myself.  Did I mention it was pouring?  As I write this, the bottoms of my jeans and the hood on my sweatshirt are still wet.  I think I feel a cold coming on.  Waah Waah!  But, in the rain, I managed to connect black to black (negative) and red to red (positive) and even tapped the metal to the battery first to make sure there were no sparks.   I follow instructions well!

I got the boys to school by 9:45.  In the grand scheme of things that is not that much later than I normally get there.  No rain.  No dead batteries.  I let the car run all morning too, so that I didn't get stuck mid-errand.  Hopefully, I won't need to jump start it again, but if I do, next time, I will show Ryder how to do it.  Not only would he get a jolt from the jolt, but wouldn't it be nice if he could learn to fix what he breaks?

Anyway, careful what you wish for.  I wasn't too specific when I said I needed a jump start!!

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