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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I do not consider Chase and Ryder to be overly aggressive boys.  I've been around boys who are far more rough than them.  Still, between the hyperactivity and need to touch and feel and grasp everything there is certainly a likelihood that wrestling happens, fists get thrown, feet get kicked.  Sometimes, its intentional.  Most often, when that is the case, it is with each other.   I remember when they were 11 months old and they were rolling around wrestling.  I knew that  they didn't learn that from watching me.  When I called Todd, astonished, he said "boys will be boys, Wendy.  They wrestle."  So, short of something too fierce, I let them duke it out themselves.  But, there is a line.  Always.  And when they near it, or more likely, step over it, I make it clear that certain behavior is unacceptable.
Depsite letting them have their moments there are 3 rules that come into play:
1.  No hitting.  We do not hit.  Not each other, not our friends, not anyone.
2.  We DO NOT HIT GIRLS.  Ever.  Yes it is a double standard.  I am sorry.  But, even now we teach our boys there are certain things that are off limits around girls.   Farting.   Burping.  Penis talk.  Hitting.    ALWAYS.
3.  WE NEVER HIT BELOW THE BELT!   Not boys, not girls!

So, you can imagine my surprise, my disappointment, my humiliation, when I learned that Chase broke all 3 rules in one shot.  At school.  At school, where you're supposed to be on your best behavior.  So, I guess he broke 4 rules.

This report was given to me after I was told he had a fantastic morning.  He listened fabulously and used  great manners.   This report was all given along side the dose of "he was very apologetic, said it was an accident, and seemed truly upset about it!"    Not quite the teaspoon of sugar needed to help the medicine go down.    More like a pinch.  Of Nutrasweet.

After a long talk about why what Chase did was bad we came up with proper punishments.  In addition to some other things we decided he should write an apology letter, so that he could accept responsibility. He wrote to Peyton.  He wrote to Ms. Liz.  He also chose to write to Ms. Nadine (who was not present.) And, because he loves to write, Ryder chose to write to Oren.  Apologizing for something he did not even do.  But, still. 

It was not meant to be funny.  And, although it was a serious matter, Chase's letters were quite humorous.  Here they are below.  Hopefully, he did learn a lesson or two from this.

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