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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Need for a Ryder Clause!

Recently, we received a wonderful, and unnecessary, thank you gift from an acquaintance.  In it was a delicious bottle of red wine for Todd and I, and a few items for the boys.  Amongst them, a Sports Illustrated Kids magazine, a book for Turner, and two Crayola No Drip Watercolor Paint Sets, which are advertised as "Mess Free!"  These two words together are something out of a dream for mom's of youngsters everywhere.  Only, for me, to my boy, these words do not apply.  It seems that such products need a Ryder Clause.  A clause which indicates that, despite best design attempts, the nimble fingers and creative mind of a young Ryder Tovsky are exempt from all claims of mess free.  The above picture is evidence of this clause. 
Yesterday we took a 7 hour car ride to visit out the Sperlings in Cleveland.  All three boys were, surprisingly, on their best behavior.  After a two hour nap and a two hour viewing of The Karate Kid (their first viewing of a favorite of Todd and I,) the boys did some coloring, much to our delight.  It was their first time using these new paints and they were very excited when I opened up the packaging.   They were quiet, we were quiet, and making good time.  About 20 minutes later Ryder says, "I am ready to go out for Halloween!"  When I turned and looked I saw the painted body of my son.  Head to toe, arms and legs, combinations of colors swirled upon his body.  Who knew I did not need to pack coloring books?  His body was a perfectly acceptable canvas!
But, this is not the only "mess-free" item he has overcome.  When he was a toddler, he was the only one I knew who could open, and there make a mess, with the mess-free snack cups.  And, he has opened child-proofed Tylenol bottles, and child proofed door knobs, not to mention the bottles of oil he once spilled on our floor.
Yes, it seems, all "Mess-Free" items must come with a Ryder Clause!

PS: In addition to these paints being advertised as mess, they were also advertised as washable.  I am happy to report that much is true, as it washed right off of his body.

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