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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flyers Wives Carnival

As a gift from Uncle Rob and Aunt Jamie, Chase and Ryder were given tickets to the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival.   What an awesome gift!!  As a special outing all 5 of us went, in addition to Rob and Jamie, Jamie's brother, John,  her niece, Charlotte, and nephew, Jack!  We were all very excited about what we expected to be a fun and special day.

Geared up in our Flyers logos it was fun to be part of the orange and black sea.  It was also very cool to know the players (and alumni) were in the building, though we only saw them from a distance.   There were some fun games, though we didn't get to play most of them because the event was poorly organized.  But, the kids had fun. They got to slide down an inflatable slide ten times in a row which is enough to make any 4 year old's day.  We did win some cool prizes, the highlight being the Flyer insigniaed whoopi cushion that still has the boys cracking up.  Particularly Turner who's first dose of absolute hysterics came from the "in stereo" fart sounds!!

It was a day all in good fun, for a good cause.  And, it never hurts to show our pride of our favorite hockey team.  Hopefully, we will be part of another orange and black sea one day.  One day soon.  When the Flyers earn themselves a Stanley Cup.

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