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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Favorite Rock!

The view from my rock

Growing up, particularly my high school years, I had a favorite rock in Tyler State Park.  It was tucked away in the trees, on a hill, off the beaten, yet highest point of the path.  It overlooked the stream, the dam, the waterfall.    I was introduced to this rock by a friend, and we often went there in a group and would just hang out.   But, the rock became special to me.  My thinking place.  I would go there when I had some time to myself, which was often back then.  I would go there to write in my journal.  I would just go.  I have taken Todd there, and though he can appreciate a wonderful place in nature as well as anyone I am not sure he ever fell in love with the rock like I did.  If, of course, you can actually fall for a rock.  More like from a rock.
Anyway, I took the boys on a nature walk the other day.   After all was said and done I did wonder if my attempt at a beautiful hike was borderline child abuse due to the distance we walked and the amount of time it took, but a beautiful hike it was.  For me.  The boys enjoyed the rock climbing, the allowance to scream, throwing rocks, using fallen trees as balance beams.  When we saw a deer on the hike, instead of stopping in their tracks and quietly admiring its beauty, like I did, Ryder ran full speed ahead, excited, as if it were a super hero waiting his embrace, shouting "deer, deer" along the way. He was so sad when the deer bolted into the woods, into hiding, far away from a screaming pre-schooler.
Some day, the boys may fall in love with nature the way I have, the way Todd has.  Someday, they may be able to stop, breathe, and soak in a view, for now, boys will be boys, and lakes are meant for splashing, rocks are meant for climbing (or throwing depending on the size,) and parks are meant for boisterous fun.   I am OK with that.

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