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Monday, August 9, 2010

Costume Shopping

Although Halloween is still a few months away the marketing for the holiday has begun.  And, so has Ryder's obsession for all the costume options abound.  The Sensational Beginnings catalogue came and as soon as Ryder glimpsed at the costumes on the front he grabbed the book from me and I have not seen it since.  This catalogue, which has replaced his blankie as a snuggle toy and has become his quiet time activity, is ripping at the seams and has curled corners but is carried around like the bible.  He has picked out costumes for everyone:  Todd = Superman, Me = Wonder Woman, Chase = Optimus Prime, and Turner= Barney. Ryder says he wants to be Spider-Man, again.
He brought the catalogue to camp, where after showing all of his friends, and helping them pick out costumes he made this generous offer: "pick out your costume, tell me what it is, and my mommy will buy it for you!"  I hate to disappoint 20 kids!!

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