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Thursday, August 12, 2010

God Lives in my Heart!

The boys have spent their summer at Rainbow Academy. A farm, a Pre-School, and in their case, a camp. Geared towards Pre-Schoolers and located on a beautifully gardened farm the boys have had an enjoyable, active summer. Rainbow Academy is also home to Carousel Farm, a school for friends with special needs. In an effort to help these kids learn life lessons the Carousel Farm Friends have a camp store everyday at lunch. They sell trinkets, candy, pretzels, etc. Everything costs two quarters. I think this concept is wonderful and I support it, but since more often than not the boys buy candy I have made a deal with them that they can have money once a week. They pick the day. Occasionally there are exceptions.

Yesterday was visiting day. I went for an hour and watched the boys swim (for the second time this summer!). When I was getting ready to leave Ryder insisted on coming and was not taking no for an answer. I asked his counselor to step in, and somehow the dollar that was in Chase's bag - the dollar that I have no idea how it got into his bag, became the bait. Suddenly it was four quarters, all of which became Chase's after Ryder didn't fall for any tricks.

When Chase came home that day. He had two green necklaces around his neck.  Our conversation went like this:
"Where'd you get those necklaces, Chase?"
"I bought them at the camp store."
Admittedly thrilled he did not buy candy I continued:
"You bought two?"
"Well, I got one for Ryder."
"Chase, that was so nice of you.  Did Miss Caitlin tell you to do that?"

"No. I told me to do it!!  (pause)  My heart did!" I smiled and my eyes got wet as I thought what a sweet boy I was raising, when he continued.  "And, God did. Because God lives in my heart."
I nearly hit the squirrell crossing the street (exaggeration) as I swerved in shock.
Laughing a bit, I said, "Yes, Chase, I suppose he does."
He responded, adamantly, "He does, mommy, Ms. Robin told me so."

At least I know they learned something in that 3's program!!

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