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Monday, September 28, 2009

Here's to putting it in the Correct Receptacle!!

Chase did it.  He finally pooped on the potty. Three months from the time he was potty trained, three months of pooping in his underwear EVERYDAY.  Sometimes twice.  Three months.  Three months of changing dirty underwear on top of dirty diapers.  THREE MONTHS.

Friday, he pooped on the potty.  This was cause for Celebration!!! 
He did the deed at school.  And, proudly, he sprinted into my arms at pick-up, only to announce his accomplishment...and that he gets Chuck E. Cheese.  Thrilled, we called Daddy and told him the good news.  We called Mom-Mom Jill.  We went to Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house and announced it from the roof tops. Oh what a day.  I really had never been that excited.  Ok, maybe I have, but it was close.  Real close.

Two hours later he pooped in his underwear, again!!

Then on Sunday he returned to the potty and followed Monday up with some more underwear pooping.  I saw where this was going and I did not like it one bit.

Here we are, a few days later, and it seems the potty is his preferred receptacle.  Thankfully.   Go figure.

Chase officially poops on the potty.

Is it wrong if this is my most proud moment?

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