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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pooped Out!

I've used this expression a million times! This, and it's variations including "I'm pooped!". Normally, it is said to express an overwhelming feeling of  exhaustion. Today, I use these words so literally that I may never be able to say them again without literal connotation.
Turner is a mad pooper.  Really.  If, in one day, we change 8 diapers at least 6 are dirty.  Sometimes more. It's incredible, really.  Perhaps that is normal for babies, who could remember, but normal does not make it any more inviting to change yet another diaper.
And, then there's Chase, who has been potty trained for two months yet can not manage to poop on the potty.  He seems to think it is better to poop in his underwear.  And, I would opt to change all 8 of Turner's dirty diapers then to change one of Chase's underwear messes.  Of course, I have no choice and I change both daily.
TODAY!!  Today was one of those days that need not be repeated.  Because not only did Turner bat 1.000 in the dirty diaper department.  Chase pooped in his underwear twice.  The first time was at home.  Messy, but manageable.  The second time, however, was at the playground.  We were there on a playdate with a school friend the boys did not see all summer.  We were there for about twenty minutes when Ryder came up to me, innocent and sorry, "mommy, I had an accident!"  You must understand that Ryder has pooped on the potty without error since the first day he asked to wear underwear.  But, he had been on amoxycillin treating an ear infection, which I am assuming caused his stomach to rupture in such a way that I am hardly able to find the words.  I had to take him home to clean him up.  I probably should not have even brought  him home considering his filth, but really where else was there?  So, I left Chase at the playground in the custody of Scott so he could play with his friend Jessica and at home I attempted to hold back my nausea as I cleaned Ryder.  Then, finally, we went back to the playground.  We got there, we played for a long while, then Chase approached me with his daily, "mommy, I pooped in my pants!"  That was the end of our day.  I loaded three boys with clean colons into the car and headed home and had no interest in any more bowel movements anytime soon.  I was as literally pooped out as I ever wanted be!

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