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Sunday, September 27, 2009


When I was kid, we would have opposite day. This was not a holiday nor even a planned day. It was simply our attempt at turning no's into yes's or teases into charms.

"Can I have cookies for breakfast?"


"Oh, today's opposite day so that means I can!"


"You're ugly!"

"Well, today's opposite day so that means I am beautiful!"

I remember having backwards day, too. What I don't remember is if backwards day was an organized event in attempts of making school fun or if it was something I made up whenever I wore an article of clothing tag side front.
Which was often, and usually, on purpose. I liked it. It was fun to do something that was not what was supposed to be done without getting in trouble.

In college I loved wearing shirts inside out. Somehow, seam side out felt so much more worn, so much more comfortable.

Opposites. Inside-out. Backwards. All make a seemingly normal day just that much more different.

So, it comes as no surprise to me that the boys like wearing things backwards. They often want to wear their underwear backwards so that they can see the Handy Manny imprinted on the butt. It doesn't bother them that it is a little baggy in the front and a bit tight in the back giving them an instant wedge and plumber's crack simultaneously.

They like to wear their shorts backwards, or their shirts, but surprisingly, not their hats. I usually let them, when we are home, put their clothes on however they want, since often it is a battle to have them wear clothes at all. They, like their father, love to be shoeless and shirtless, and take no issue with walking around in just their tightie whitie underoos, or less.

Their favorite thing to wear backwards, it seems, is their Phillies shirts. Chase, who is always Utley, and Ryder, who is always Victorino, like to wear their numbers and names on the front so they can see it. The Phillies logo following them from behind.

We read a book called, "How Do I Love You", by P.K. Hallinan.  This hardback gift book, bought especially by Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, is adorable from cover to cover. Easy rhymes about our unconditional love for our children, which just so happens to be about a little boy, sparks the usual questions from page to page.  But no page sends the boys into giggles like the page with these words "I love the way you wear your pants with the front part in the back" and the silly illustration that goes along side of it. And, when I look at It, I too find it funny, silly, child-like.  And, I am happy that my boys are all of these things.

So, occasionally, they wear their shirts backwards in public.  And, their underwear.  But, they're giggling all the while. Perhaps it's a mark of their blossoming sense of humor,  or  a small act of confidence to go against the norm.  Perhaps, it's just three year old silliness.  Regardless, it's not always worth the fight, and if an unannounced backwards day makes a three year old's moment more interesting, then I will happily oblige.  For now!

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