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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Tovsky Trifecta

I have always loved little boys. Their mischief, their laughter, their filth, all the makings of boys being boys has always melted my heart. I had not anticipated this fondness being granted to me threefold. But so it goes, and we welcome Turner Luke Tovsky, the third son, the completion of the Tovsky Trifecta. Though we were surprised by his gender and found out no sooner than his birth, I can't say I was shocked. I had thought, as did Todd, that it was a boy all along.
Right from his birth at 8:17 am on January 6, 2009, I fell in love for the fourth time with a Tovsky boy.

just born

When we were blessed with the arrival of Chase and Ryder we immediately loved two children at once and it was never a question of making room for both. As we welcomed our third born we learned that our love was not being divided amongst children, but rather, with each child our love is multiplied.

Big Brothers Ryder and Chase

Our three sons

Brotherly love

Mommy and her sons

The moment you meet your child for the first time is probably the most cherished moment in life, at least for me. It is a feeling that can not be duplicated by anything other than meeting another child of yours, and even that is not exactly the same. The moment I met Turner, though somewhat blurred by anesthetically induced nausea and vomiting, was as special as anticipated, as special as it was when I had met his brothers. He was placed in my arms and my life was forever changed, again. Somehow, at just a few minutes old, weighing in at just over seven pounds, this squishy little infant completed our family the instant we saw him.

First introduction

Although he is constantly changing, at the moment Turner looks a bit like Ryder with Chase's eyes and hair color. He shares the same initials as his father and I am blessed knowing all of my boys, all of my loves, are parts of each other, and of me.

I am not sure what life will be like in the upcoming weeks as we juggle with three young boys. But, I do know whatever will be as we figure it out, our life just got that much better, as it doubly had just two years prior.
Turner, we all love you and welcome you with the most open of hearts.

Going Home

Turner Luke Tovsky- 1/6/09- 8:17 am - 7 lbs 2 oz - 20.5 inches long

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Emily J. said...

Such a gorgeous family!! This post is written so beautifully - brought tears to my eyes. LOVE the photos! We could not be happier for you. Can't wait to meet Turner! Mazel tov! xoxo, emily