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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Blog Title, Same Old Banter!

Even though I have always wanted a third child, when I began my blog back on December 4, 2006 I was not forward thinking. I just thought I was chronicling my journey through twinfancy (and now into twin toddlerhood) and I did not think what the tovskytwins.blogspot address would come to mean if we added to the brood.
When I found out we were expecting this third bundle of joy I set out to find myself a new blog title.
The game was kind of like the SAT's or my more recent experience with the Real Estate exam. The names I was coming up with were not necessarily inappropriate or wrong, they were just not the most correct. I always hated tests like that. For example:
"Times Two Plus One", certainly not inappropriate but not quite right. Being referred to as a plus one can sometimes have a negative connotation, which is not how I want my baby to start its life. "Times Three" was a thought and again, not totally wrong but having three kids is not times three the same way having twins is times two, so I moved on. "TriTovsky," this name I actually liked for a while and I thought I may have found a winner but then I became concerned that the reference to Tchaikovsky would imply that I was a fan or a classical music enthusiast of some kind, which I am not. Nothing against classical music at all, but since I have hardly a clue about it all I thought I should steer clear. This brought me to "The Tovsky Trifecta. This name I like and it seems most appropriate. Trifecta" is defined this way, according to wiktionary,


  • IPA: /traɪˈfɛktə/

[edit] Noun



trifecta (plural trifectas)

  1. (US, Australia, New Zealand) A bet in which the winners of the first three places (first, second, and third) are selected in the correct order.
  2. (US, Australia, New Zealand) The situation of having three major accomplishments or achievements in a sport, profession, or pastime.

Although the main definition refers to horse racing, it is the alternate definition that I am using.
I am not sure if you want to define rearing children as a sport, a profession , or a pastime. I suppose all three are accurate descriptions whether you're talking about making babies, having babies, or raising babies. Regardless, I know that it's an achievement and an accomplishment, certainly my greatest accomplishment. Yep, by definition I definitely have a trifecta. So, we say goodbye to Times Two and hello to The Tovsky Trifecta.

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Jenn said...

love the new title! can't wait to give turner hugs!