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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Early this morning Turner lost his cord. The nurses told us to expect it to fall off about 10-14 days from his birth. At ten days old it is nice to see he hit his first milestone right on time. The nurses also say that though he was a good baby in the nursery the colic chip does not implant until he is 10-14 days old either. I wonder if one has anything to do with the other?
Last night, while sponge bathing Turner, we noticed the cord was literally hanging on by a thread. Todd wanted to rip it off but we decided to let it fall off naturally instead. Since the poor kid is still in recovery mode from his bris we certainly did him a favor.
The cord falling off improved things in that area, but his button is currently an outty and not the best looking part of him. His brothers both had an umbilical hernia and I am thinking Turner may have the same thing, which I should find out for sure at his appointment next week. If not, and if it does not change, then he may do a million things in life but perhaps underwear modeling may not be one of them.
So, his bris is done, his cord is off, and 11 days in he is still a really good boy. Way to be Turner!

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