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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We spent this past weekend in the Poconos. My Uncle Marc was kind enough to lend us his home and we spent the weekend with Beth, Dave, Jackson, Erik, Lori, Devin, and Nicky. We had a blast. We always have a great time when we can get the Sperlings, Klaus' and Tovsky's together so we had been anxiously awaiting the weekend since we planned it several months ago. Admittedly, we wondered how it would be with 5 boys ages 4 months through 4 years in one house, and we are happy to say it went great. With few naps, few full meals, and only a fair amount of television watching we had 5 very well behaved boys. Meltdowns occurred only Sunday morning and nothing got destroyed or broken. Boys are all energy, as we know, so bedtime was preceeded with sprinting laps around the kitchen/dining room/living room, but we still had successfully put all kids to bed before 9pm both nights.

Saturday we spent the day at my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Steven's house. They live on the lake and generously allowed us to use their kayaks, canoes, beach. We had a relaxing, enjoyable day taking turns out on the lake and showing our kids how to row. They all loved it.

The boys admiring the lake

Mommy and Chase kayaking

Daddy and Ryder Kayaking

As usual amongst this company we laughed plenty. A game of cranium led to some hilarity and, as expected, the girls beat the guys with a crushing victory.
In December, the same crew, minus the 5 boys, will head to Jamaica....counting down the months already.

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