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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thirty Three

Today is my 33rd Birthday. 33 is, in fact, one of those ages that seems almost unnecessary. Who gets excited to turn 33? I do like the double number though and since I am eleven years away from another one of these years I will enjoy the next 364 days.
The celebration of my birthday was actually wonderful. Todd took the day off from work, the kids were with a sitter, and we spent the day shopping. I realize how funny that sounds being that Todd and I are both non-shoppers, but when you have a closet full of nothing and twin toddlers, you take any opportunity you get.
I was only partially successful on the spree, but it was nice to spend the day with Todd, at a seemingly unscheduled pace, no kids in tow (though they did score new pants on the journey), just us. We had fun.
We came home, had dinner, then celebrated with cake. We lit the candles and went through a rendition of Happy Birthday that should not be repeated, then had to light the candles a second time by the demand of Chase. It's interesting how I felt the need to have cake, to light candles, and to sing now that I have kids. In the past I was thrilled to skip that step. But, you see things differently when you look through the eyes of your children and you want to try to make everything as exciting as they think it is.

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The Pierce Posse said...

happy belated birthdAY