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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coffee, Please!

We all try to instill manners in our children. The constant reminders to ask nicely or to say thank you make us sound like broken records. Eventually, you see the effects of the repeated pleas, when all on their own they use the "magic" words. Though I have mentioned that Ryder has a tendency to be polite without reminders, if he is not being too shy, I find that when I least expect it, both boys are being their most polite. For example, the other day, Chase was on his cell phone and the conversation went like this:
ME: Who are you talking to, Chase?
CT: Mom-Mom!
ME: Oh?!
CT: Hi, Mom-Mom
CT: (after a brief pause) hmmmmmm
CT: Coffee, Please!

I began to laugh. Evidence that coffee often precedes my parents arrival, I was thrilled that even if its just imaginary play, and even if it is coffee he is asking for, he asked nicely.

Yesterday, another example, also by Chase. We were at a birthday party, at a playground in the city. We were leaving and saying goodbye to the people, the balloons, the swings and the horsies (carousel), when Chase stopped, looked and said with a smile "Thank you Playground!"
Unfortunately, I could not get him to show the same gratitude to the host and hostess.

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