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Monday, April 21, 2008


Another Seder come and gone, another year of hecticness. Only, oddly, the hecticness seemed to be missing this year. Sure, I began the preparations 24 hours later than normal and only 24 hours before the meal. This meant at Friday, 4pm, I had not one thing done. Not one thing. Tables were not set, dishes were not out, veggies were not sliced and diced. A panic set in, but it was brief, and all was done with plenty of time to spare.
Most guests were on time, the hors d'oeuvre's and mingling went without a spilled drink or a broken glass, and we sat for Seder only about 10 minutes later than expected.
The Seder was led, as usual, by Uncle Marc from a new Haggadah he had printed, and went smoothly and relatively uninterrupted in less than 40 minutes. We tried to involve the kids (1 4 year old, 3 almost 2 year old's, and a 1 year old) with plastic frogs and plague masks, but most of them decided the toys outside were more fun.
The food was good, and the only thing that went unserved was the matzoh stuffing I totally forgot about. I found it in my fridge the next day. Perhaps it was better this way, as how good could matzoh stuffing really be?
We did also forget to hide the afikomen's, which I had talked up all week to Chase and Ryder about how they would play hide and seek with the matzoh, but I suppose there are worse things considering if we couldn't remember to hide it, it is unlikely we would have remembered where we hid them all, had we done so.
All in all it went well and now if I can only learn to perfect a brisket. Suggestions?

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