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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here is the thing about having toddlers, you get used to a certain level of noise. Every toy makes a ridiculous sound and Barney songs are on repeat through the tube. Toddlers babble, they laugh, they cry, they whine, they practice using a voice that is more like a scream, and for one reason or another have no interest in practicing their whisper. Yes, life with toddlers means there is noise, lots of it, and always. So, when things are quiet, eerily silent, the kids are either sleeping, not home, or....getting into trouble. Such was the case yesterday when while washing their sippy cups I noticed the silence only to find Ryder eating the tube of triple paste. Lips painted white he grinned, as I snagged the tube. Yes, trouble was the case today when in the silence they had taken a pen to our walls. In the past it has been emptied pantries, spilled confectioners sugar, or an unraveled roll of toilet paper. Silence has meant walls are being climbed, toys are being flushed, and drawers are being emptied. In the headache of all the noise listen for the silence because that is when the real trouble begins.

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