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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wine Tasting, Why Not!

For years Todd and I talked about hosting a wine tasting. We flirted with the idea for a number of new years extravaganza's. It never seemed to workout for countless number of reasons.
This month Todd turned 35 years old. Being the party planner that I consider myself to be and the partier that Todd is, we thought this was the perfect occasion.
The most difficult part of the party was that we hosted Rosh Hashana just two nights earlier. By Sunday morning Todd and I were shot. We are both in temporary retirement from cooking.
The party, however, was a success. Because of Rosh Hashana we could not set up the tables until Friday night, giving me much less time to work on the tablescapes. Despite the time crunch, we managed to decorate
nicely. Vases full of corks, personalized cocktail napkins (burgundy for the red wines, cream for the white wines), and a wine bottle cake that was made by my cousin Mindy. A sommollier came to lead us in the actual tasting, and the rest of the evening was a tasting of homemade hors d'oeuvres and appropriately paired wines. It was great to taste wines we do not usually drink (WHITES) paired with a food that really brought out its flavors. There are white wines I actually do like, it seems.
Most importantly, Todd had fun and his 35th birthday will not be one he easily forgets.

For more pictures from the event click here

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