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Monday, July 16, 2007

Window Sill-y

When we first bought this house I imagined myself reading a book perched upon the bow window in the living room. I pictured it softened with pillows and brightened with colors and myself upon it, book in one hand, wine in the other. This has yet to happen, the pillows, the bright colors, me reading a book. I imagine it will be some time before this fantasy becomes realized, perhaps just after I complete my never ending to-do list.
The boys seem to have taken a similar liking to this window, though their ideas of what to do on the sill are different than mine. In only 12 months time they have realized this fantasy many times. They love it up there. They bang on the window, they crawl the length, back and forth. They pull on the curtains, point at the sky, at the birds, at the flowers. They wave to oncomers and passersby. Oh what fun. They laugh and giggle and coo with delight with each action and the laughter bangs off the glass similarly to thier palms. Now that they have learned to climb from the floor to the couch and the couch to the ledge all by themselves, I will find them sitting, standing, launghing, banging on the ledge being ever so window sill-y.

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