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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Lately, Chase has been a bit clingy. Charming and flirtatious, he will still go to others with a smile on his face, however every opportunity he has to be near me, on me, with me he siezes. I am aware that this will not last forever, in fact tomorrow he could be on a daddy phase. Despite how sometimes it can be a nuisance when he won't let me put him down, I am aware I need to cherish this time for as long as possible. I need to savor every whimper and point in my direction and smile with delight as he puts his arms out for me. I need to capture these times and bottle them up because a time will come when he wants nothing to do with me. He will choose his friends, his girlfriends, eventually his wife over me and as any good parent, I will need to let him. So for now, I will let my baby boy cling to my hip, or my leg, or my hands.

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