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Thursday, July 12, 2007

1 is for fun!!

I am simply amazed that a year has passed by. Amazed that my premature newborns are venturing into toddlerhood, amazed that their once preemie sized diapers are now 3's bordering on to 4, amazed that they are no longer breast fed or even bottle fed. I hold up the outfit they wore on their bris and I am amazed that it was once so big on them. I am amazed that this was the quickest year of my life and yet it has impacted me more than my first 31.
I am amazed by every little thing the boys do and am amazed by what they still have yet to learn. I am amazed by the beauty of my sons, by their demeanor, by their laughter. There is nothing about them that doesn't amaze me, as I know every mom can understand.
I was emotionally effected by the onset of their first birthday. I was saddened by how quickly time has passed, that the world of twinfants was a thing of the past. I am not sure if there will be more kids for us, and if not, then my world of babies just flew past me. I was saddened by the thought that every year will pass just as quickly and before I know it my babies will be men. But, of course I am also delighted. Delighted by the toddlers that are blossoming before me, delighted by boys they are becoming.
The first year of a child's life is wonderful. Every day is a new day and sometimes overnight you can be presented with what seems like a whole new child. I am not yet sure what the second year has to offer but I am eager to find out. I have a feeling, going simply by this first week of age 1, that 1 is fun!! In the last week and a half the boys both seem to be advancing exponentially, Chase in particular. THey are learning to walk, to speak, to communicate, they are broadening their sense of humor and find everything funny, and best of all, they are really starting to discover each other. I can now say that the first 12 months of a childs life is wonderful and thrilling and fast and as each day passes I am learning what thrills the next 12 months will offer, but I have a feeling 1 is fun!!!

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