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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It seems almost as if it is a rite of passage, part of the journey from innocent baby to adventurous toddler. It seems ridiculous and yet almost typical, as I hope my kid is not the only one. Regardless of all that, Chase or Ryder or both called 911 yesterday. This is not surprising being that the phone is their favorite toy. Perhaps it is my fault, only indicating I am using it too often in front of them. When I bring out the phone they both grin and squeal, pointing to it as if some magical force will bring it to them. I often put the caller on speaker and the boys get so excited to hear the phone talk, and then they attack me going after all of the buttons. This is usually when I either; 1. mute the call, 2. turn the speaker on or off 3. hang up on the caller. It is not uncommon that all three things will happen in no particular order. When I am feeling nice I let them play with the phone for a minute more (or until a tug of war between them breaks out) and then I take I it away. Yesterday I let them play with it and somehow they managed to hit on, dial 911 and let it ring. I took the phone away, hit the off button as I always do to clear whatever they had hit, and unknowingly hung up on the 911 service. It was not until they called back that I had any idea. Apparently, I was not too convincing that everything was ok in our household (if Chase mad-dashing for the steps while Ryder uses the entertainment unit as a climbing wall is considered ok) since 5 minutes later a cop was at our door checking up on us. I apologized for the inconvenience, thanked him for responding so quickly in case I ever do need emergency service and sent the police officer on his way. He was very kind and told me, wouldn't you know, it happens all the time.....shew....I was hoping it was not just my kids.

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