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Monday, July 23, 2007

Children's Menu

I have always considered myself a bit of a foodie. A celebration can be made about food as easily as food can be made of a celebration, at least in my opinion. Dining out was a part of our culture, food tasting was a part of our practice, letter grading the courses was our ritual. It was a bit of a game for us and we loved it. At home we considered ourselves to be gourmet. We would try new recipes and host sit down dinners. Fine dining, fancy foods, delicacies....we loved it all. A children's menu was always ignored, as were the things listed under casual fare. That was stuff we could get at home, or on the run. However, as it turns out, we have really been missing out. I forgot how good kids food can be....grilled cheese is delicious, no matter who makes it, wheat or white it is just delicious. Chicken fingers, wow!! Cooked to perfection, tender meat, breaded nicely and you can't beat the bbq sauce used for dipping but that is whole another story for those who know my love for that sauce. Macaroni and Cheese is a true classic, so much so that it has even been taken to a gourmet level by using fancy cheeses and throwing in some lobster. But, in its simplest form, Mac and cheese is wonderfully tasty. Of course, pizza you can never go wrong with, and hot dogs, well, they are just good!! Disgusting as you may think they are, fact is, they are good!! Gourmet will always be just that but if you happen to have a 12 and under with you ordering from the kids menu is a guaranteed good meal.

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