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Friday, April 6, 2007

Madden Rose Benjamin- 4/3/07

Madden and big sis Delaney - 4/3/07

After much anticipation we welcomed the newest, the littlest family member...Chase and Ryder's new cousin Madden Rose. What an exciting time in our family, particularly for Amy, Jay and Delaney. I am amazed by the tenderness, the tininess, the novelty of holding a newborn. I am amazed as if I never had one (or two) of my own. It is a feeling that can never get old and no matter how many times you hold a new born, each time is special, rare, and like the first.
When Delaney was born, I was blown away by the depths of emotion that a tiny little baby could draw from me. I was astonished by the intensity of holding a newborn that was of your blood. I remember being scared to have children of my own if holding my niece could have such an effect on me. It is now three years later, I have held a lot of newborns including two of my own. The naivete is gone, the novelty is not. I am no longer astonished by the amount of love you feel the instant you hold the tiny baby, but am still astonished by the actual moment in which you pick up that newborn and barely feel the weight in your arms. Madden was welcomed on an early Tuesday morning. She was not even a day old and she was already loved by so many. She will learn, over time, the special girl she is, the delight in being the family baby, and the joy of growing up with siblings and cousins.
I am excited for Chase and Ryder too. They have an older cousin in Delaney to learn from and a baby cousin to teach. Madden and them are close in age and I hope they can build a friendship like the one Rob and I have.
Madden Rose, we all love you so, welcome to the world!!

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