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Monday, April 9, 2007

A letter to my sons on their 9th Month Birthday!

Dear Chase and Ryder,

Two days ago you turned 9 months. It continues to amaze me how quickly time can pass. We welcomed your new baby cousin Madden Rose. She is beautiful, and sweet and ever so tiny and I was astonished when I held her as I remembered that you were once smaller than her. How far you have come, how much you have grown, how quickly it all happened.

What a month it has been! Ryder, you have mastered crawling. Just after your 8th month birthday, you figured out how to move your arms and legs at the same time. You are using this mode of transportation to explore everything and anything and it is this new found freedom that made us baby proof our home. You are all over the place and keeping mommy and daddy very busy as we try to keep up with you. You are also very into climbing now that you can pull yourself up to standing. You stand in your crib, at the learning table, against the kitchen chairs, anywhere you can. You love to be standing up!! Recently, we even watched as you attempted to climb the bookshelf. Mom-mom and Pop-Pop watched this event and despite the trouble I know it will cause at a later date, I was encouraging this behavior. I know it is not wise, but I was amazed at how you were figuring out how to do it. The steps are also a new favorite of yours. You can climb a few, but not without supervision, as you do still have a tendency to fall backwards. Mommy catches you, don't worry.
Chase, you began the army crawl right around the same time. You do this with such speed that it seems almost unnecessary to crawl with proper form. I check your knees and elbows for burns but so far, so good. On your 9th month birthday you decided it was time, and up on all 4 you went. You took a few crawls in true form before returning to the army style. A few more days of practice and I am sure you will have it perfected. Just yesterday, you pulled yourself up to standing. This was the first time you did this, and you used the exersaucer as your leverage. Daddy witnessed this event and we realize this is the beginning of your using everything in sight, me included, as your jungle gym. You also have just found the steps and the fun they can provide. You can't fully climb from one to another just yet, but to watch you figuring it out is wonderful and this also will not take long for you to master.
Ryder you love to clap. You do it randomly, and what seems to be out of nowhere to us, but in your little mind I am sure there is good reason. Your claps are often followed by a "hooray" or a "clap clap clap" from mommy or daddy. Chase you are learning to wave. Also done at random, you will open and shut those little fingers. We always wave back!
You continue to eat well, and more and more food now makes it to your mouth as opposed to the pocket of your bib. I have realized it is not the baby food you are losing interest in as much as the lack of participation it involves. You much prefer to feed yourselves and we often play tug of war with the spoon (which is always dirty and ultimately leaves you, your clothes and your hair a mess!)
You have both improved in the area of the sippy cup, but we still have a way to go.
We have been bathing you in the actual bathtub, though until we get the new one either daddy or I has to get in with you. We recently put you in together, with an inch or so of water and some toys, you both loved it and squealed with delight. Bath time is our favorite time with you. It is relaxing and fun for all.
Chase, you cut your bottom two teeth on March 30th. They both cut through at the same time. They are still growing but they sure are cute. You have been a bit more clingy lately. It used to be that you were not big into being held or cuddled and would stiffen up until we put you down. Lately, however, you can be held for a while and enjoy hugs and cuddling much more. This is much to my delight!!
I love that you are both fascinated by books, you love to topple the tower of blocks, and when I dangle your blankie in your face at night time you giggle. It is a great way to say goodnight! When you laugh out loud it is contagious and the room begins to laugh with you.
Chase you love looking out the windows. In the sunroom you always go right up to the doors and look out into the yard and in the playroom you want to sit on the window ledge. You bang on the glass with delight. Every time I see it, no matter how often, I smile.
We hosted passover here, just last week- 20 adults and 7 kids. You had so much fun hanging out with your cousins and it is fun to watch you begin to interact. Delaney spent a few nights here while Amy was in the hospital with Madden and you both had fun with her. She made you laugh and she tried to teach you things. It will be fun when you are a bit older and can learn from her. On the first Sunday of Passover, we went to borscht and keklentin. This is something our extended family has been doing for more years than I am alive for. It was great for you to play with your extended cousins, who you do not get to see as often. When I was a kid I always looked forward to my time with the cousins and I hope you have similar experiences.
We are busy day to day, the three of us, and we love our weekends with Daddy. We are often on the move, and it seems to be how we all do best. We usually will pick one or two days to stay in and do nothing, but other than that we enjoy the activity.
You remain to be pleasant, happy, funny boys. Ryder you seem a bit mischievous, and Chase you are very curious. You seem to be very observant and it often seems that you are absorbing everything around you. You get that from your daddy. We are reminded time and again how good you are, when we take you to parties or to social gatherings and you go to everybody and smile for them all. We want to cultivate that sociability and hope that it remains as you get older. There is no doubt that every day that passes you continue to amaze us. You bring us joy after joy and our love grows beyond measure. I was asked the other day why I was encouraging you both to climb the steps, which is clearly not the safest way for you to play. I smiled and said, "I always want to encourage my children" and it is true. I want you to try your best at everything, especially that what you enjoy, and I want you to know we encourage and support you, always!!

I love you my dear sons. I love you so.


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Jill Blatstein said...

Chase and Ryder, from the moment I saw you I was hooked forever. I fell so in love with those two "tiny little creatures" that I knew would bring so much joy into my life.
I have witnessed your growth from birth to the present, which is nine months old, and am thrilled with all the progress you both have made.
Ryder, you are a bit more daring and more "on the go".I love watching how you are interacting more and more with Chase and it warms my heart more than I can describe.
Chase, you are so much like your daddy and you bring a glow to my heart, as does Ryder too, that is unbelievable. You are like "curious George", and a little "yenta" too, for you don't miss a trick.
I thrill at knowing I will be a part of so many milestones in your lives watching you grow and accomplish the small feats of walking, talking, running and everything else that comes along in your years ahead.
I will always remind you in many different ways of how very much I love you unconditionally. I look forward to sharing many special times together, so that you will have wonderful memories to look back on when you become adults and continue to perpetuate the family traditions and truely understand the importance of a close and loving family.
I love your beautiful faces, your eyes and dimples that just melt my heart every time I see you.
I love you,
mom-mom Jill