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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mac and ZZZZZ

Ryder fell asleep in the middle of dinner. Literally. He had mac and zzzzz for dinner, or ravioli, avocado and zzzz. No matter what, there was definitely zzzz involved. We were all sitting around the table, Todd and I were cutting up pieces of ravioli, peas, carrots and avocados for Chase and Ryder. We were talking about our day. The boys seemed hungry and were eating rather well, though the avocados were mashing into their fingers everytime they tried to pick up the little pieces. Our boys are smart though, despite thier lack of table manners, and both put their mouths directly on the tray and tried to suck up the avocado, like a vacuum cleaner, if you will. Whatever works!! We then started making the pieces bigger. So, we are eating and talking and the boys are eating and painting their faces green with avocado smear when suddenly Ryder is asleep. We look over and his head his down, his eyes are closed and he is snoring his baby snore. After we laughed we tried to wake him, only to have him roll his eyes, shut them and drop his head right onto the tray. He was out, for the night, there was no waking him!!

We found this quite amusing and we both laughed for some time though it does not come as a surprise. First of all, Ryder is my son, and I have been known to pass out time and again in the oddest of places. Often on the couch during a movie, good or bad, funny or dramatic, always in the car when I am not driving, and yes, even occasionally in my food, though I am pretty sure there may have been alcohol involved in that scenario. Second of all, he did not have his afternoon nap. This was my fault, as I suppose most things are. Today was no different from most other Wednesday's when I wake the boys a bit early from their morning nap, we go to My Gym, then out for lunch, and then we head home. They always fall asleep in the 8 minute car ride home (Ryder, proving again he is his mother's daughter, falls asleep within seconds of the vehicle moving, Chase usually takes a bit longer), I transfer them to their cribs and they sleep for 2 hours. Today, however, was only different because Ryder was dirty. I knew this when I strapped him into the car and I knew he would fall asleep, but I took my chances. I spent the 8 minute drive debating with myself...Do I let him sleep, poopie diaper and all or do I hedge my bets and change him and risk him not napping? Obviously, I chose the latter. He was groggy the whole diaper change and you could see the fatigue in his eyes, but he fought it. I put him in his crib and for 7o minutes he babbled, he played, he laughed but he never slept. In the earlier minutes he was standing and laughing at himself in the mirror (I know this because I was spying.) Then he sat down, and eventually laid down, but he never slept. Lucky for me, he did not cry either. After checking my email, balancing my checkbook and filing my bills I gave in. I surrendered. I rescued him from the crib and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing. He was not cranky, he did not even seem that exhausted. He was happy, and smiley, and active. Until he fell asleep, in a tray of pasta and avocado!!

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LisaR said...

Hi Wendy,

I have visited your blog every so often, and love it every time. i am especially a fan of this entry. i am in the computer lab doing some work so i had to stifle my laughter and "aww"s a little bit, but still got a good laugh out of the sleeping food-messed baby. i think every kid has a picture of them asleep in food. for me it was chocolate, i think. oh the joys of being able to sleep whenever you need to!

hope all is well! send my love to all!

Love, Lisa