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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Our boys have been blessed with very long eyelashes. This is a trait, often said, gifted to boys but rarely to the girls. I suppose that is fair since boys look silly in mascara. I look at their lashes often and think about measuring them, finding out their actual length. I have never done this, as I think it would be difficult to put a ruler to their eye, however I have thought about it. I wonder if the pediatrician could tell us the percentile of eye lash length if measured. When they measure a baby's length it is no more accurate then I could be.
Do your eyelashes continue to grow? Will they get longer, thicker? Chase's lashes are long and thick and dark, dark brown like Todd's. Ryder's lashes, though just as long, are lighter in color and thinner, like mine. It is so interesting to see how your children can inherit every little part of you, or none of you. Hopefully, since they got our lashes, they will be spared of our brows, bushy (thank god for waxing) and thick.

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