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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quincy Beach

Rob has a boat.  A Hobie Cat, and has taken to sailing instead of sun bathing while on the beach.   He is always looking for people to ride the waves with him.    Two weeks ago Todd went out on the boat while the boys and I stayed back and enjoyed the beach.  Aunt Jean and Uncle Lewis joined us for some time and it was great to spend time with them and have them see the boys in their "element!"

Chase has to be active all of the time and must have asked 100 times if I would play soccer with him.  Which I did.  But, with Turner needing me to build castles for him to stomp and Ryder wanting to swim in the water well, I can only do so much at once.    So, Aunt Jean became Chase's latest victim.  She tied on her shoes and played Soccer with the young superstar.

Although the day was great and we all had fun, the day gets marked by the quote from Chase:

"Do you want to kick more or should I teach you strategy?"

Look out Japan, USA Women's team will have a new striker soon in a talented Jean Rothstein if Chase has anything to do with it.

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Jean Rothstein said...

Wendy - Uncle Lewis and I enjoyed spending time with all of you on the beach. I had a terrific first soccer lesson. Chase, with his skill and determination, is truly a soccer superstar! Love, Aunt Jean