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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Wheelin'

Chase and Ryder can both ride a bike.  A bike that does not have training wheels and has actual pedals.   A true 2 wheeler.  This was a milestone accomplished 2 weeks ago for Chase...

....and today for Ryder

When they boys first got their training-wheeled bikes they loved them.  They rode quickly and mightily whenever they could and were always thrilled to be able to ride full speed down the two hills at the top of our circle.   They rode flawlessly and fearlessly right from the beginning.

Over the winter when, due to freezing temperatures and what seemed to be non-stop snow, the boys asked if we could take off their training wheels.  This seemed like a lofty goal since they hadn't rode a bike in months.  But, we agreed to try when spring came to be.

For reasons I am unsure of we did not ride bikes too often this Spring.  Nor did we much earlier this Summer.   But, if you tell the boys something they won't forget so first opportunity on a bike Chase was all over taking off the training wheels.  I was in favor mostly because the wheels needed tightening and I was not able to do that myself.   Every time they rode I feared the wheels would go flying off and they would either learn to two-wheel on the fly, or land harshly on their face.  Luckily, neither happened.

Two weeks ago we schlepped the bikes to the shore and decided, confidently, "today will be the day!"  Neither Todd nor I were worried about it, we were pretty sure they would get right up and RIDE.   Chase being a naturally confident boy also had no doubts.  He got on the bike, asked for help getting started, and rode off into the sunset.  Literally.  It was dusk in Margate and he was heading for the Bay.
Ryder, who is normally fearless and dangerous, chose to practice more on Turner's balance bike and said "I am not ready yet, I just don't feel the balance!"  I have a tendency to think he chose that road knowing his overly confident brother had just mastered the new skill in only a few seconds and would now spend the next few weeks gloating.  Ryder, thoughtful as he is, likes to give Chase his moment.  So, he waited. And, he practiced on the balance bike while Chase practiced stopping without falling and turning.  He can ride real well but since the bike is still a little big for him stopping is a bit of an issue.

This morning Ryder decided he was ready.  He padded up, took a practice spin on the balance bike then said "get me the yellow bike!"  Chase was extremely encouraging, as he had been all along, and said "Ryder, you can do it.  I know you can!"  Ryder smiled, hopped on the bike, asked for a push and he too was off.

And, now, at just 5, we have boys who don't even realize that they unlocked a little door to freedom.  They don't know yet that the bike can take them places.  I am in no rush to let them in on that secret.  Right now it is just fun to feel the wind in their face.

I love to bike.  I did when I was a kid, I do now.  I am excited for family bike rides.

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