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Saturday, June 19, 2010

An Advantage to Having Boys!

This weekend we drove to Cleveland. We went to spend time with the Sperlings and a great time was had by all. Our boys played with their boys and it was nice to watch a forming friendship. The seven hour car ride was really not that bad considering the boys were, nearly, on their best behavior. I stayed awake the whole time. In both directions. This is an unbelievable feat if you know my history of sleeping, head back, tongue hanging, quickly and soundly in more car rides than not.
I've always loved little boys and though I would have loved a daughter, there are many reasons I love having only sons. The mischief, the energy, and the laughter of little boys certainly top the list. But, this weekend I learned a real advantage to road tripping with a car full of boys.

The ability to pee in a cup!!!

That's right. A 435 mile journey West with three kids 3 and under can be long and torturous enough without lengthening it with potty breaks. So we didn't. Not totally. When the boys had to pee at inopportune times, which was always, and there were no rest stops in sight as we curved down the mountainous road, a used Starbucks cup became the perfect receptacle.

Ryder loved this, and kept his aim on target. Chase was a little more gun-shy and showed some signs of urinal stage-fright but managed to use it when absolutely necessary.
Lucky for me I am not a big water drinker and managed to hold that coffee within my bladder until the obligatory get-out-and-stretch stop that we had allotted for.

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