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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shoeless no More!

I had been putting off buying Turner his first pair of shoes.  Not because I did not want to spend the money and certainly not because I enjoyed watching the filth build up on his feet as he dusted the floors of every establishment on hands and knees.  I put it off, simply, because I am trying, was trying, to postpone the inevitable.  The crossing of the threshold into toddlerhood.  Yes, in my logical mind I am fully aware that Turner was not waiting for shoes for such advancements,  but in the mind of my emotions I remember the sneak attack of big kids that Chase and Ryder pulled on me when I saw them in their big boy kicks and I just wasn't ready to go there.
But, my little man is walking more and more, and we are outside more and more, and it just did not seem right for him to be taking his first steps on gravel.  So, I gave in.  And, off we went to get the boy shoes. 
Of course, Chase and Ryder (who were in need of shoes) had to get also, and ultimately had to go first.  Chase insisted on green, bright green, Converse because "green is my very favorite color!"  And Ryder had to get a second pair of  Benny shoes (black Converse) but this time with red laces.   Even though I know all too well how hard Converse high tops are to get on, particularly on baby feet, I still almost bought Turner the royal blue high tops just 'cause I thought it would be cute.  Luckily, they were way too big on his feet.  Instead, I got him a size 5 Robeez light blue and gray sneaker.  A perfect first sneaker detailed with a guitar much to Ryder's delight.  And, now, my baby boy is taking his first steps toward being a big boy....nope, I am not cutting off that baby hair yet!

 So proud in his new kicks!

the big brothers are proud of their little brother

Just for fun....
no joke, bright green!

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