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Sunday, April 25, 2010

5 days before 35!

34 years and 360 days!

This is me, in a picture I took of myself, on the night my favorite girls and I went out for an early celebration of my 35th birthday!  Not one who prefers being the guest of honor, in fact that is often something I cower at, I was so excited to have a girls night, with MY girls  As a woman surrounded by boys, whom I love more than anything, my girls become even more important!!
We went Tavolo, which was delicious, and we laughed, we drank, we enjoyed, I sent my dessert cup across the room.....35 does not change much!  Thank you to my friends, my sister, my cousins....I love you all and I had a great time!
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Mountain Mama said...

You are looking BEAUTIFUL. Totally miss you guys. Karate - wow. Can't believe how these boys are growing. we were talking about you today. Much missing you. R&S