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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Letter to my Son on his 11th Month Birthday!!

Dear Turner,

Eleven months, Happy birthday!  You are an amazing little boy, so sweet, so happy, so unbelievably cute!!  You are pleasant as can be, almost always, despite being dragged around at a schedule that does not appeal to you.  You play wonderfully by yourself, though you love playing with your brothers more than anything else.
You mostly eat table food now and seem to enjoy everything we give you.  Two weeks ago you were unable to feed yourself.  One morning (it was a Monday) you decided you were ready and now you feed yourself most meals.  You love pizza and meatballs.  You've had cream cheese and jelly and enjoyed it.  There hasn't been anything that you seem to refuse, though I know that day will be here soon.
We haven't, though we need to, practiced with the sippy cup much and as your first birthday approaches I realize that if you do not master the cup you can not give up the bottle.
You can sit quietly and patiently and you can also babble up a storm, usually in a loud voice.
You love to laugh, are still very ticklish, and can get into absolute hysterics over any silly thing your brothers do.
Most often you are standing, holding on to anything that will allow.  You are still trying to stand up on your own but have not quite mastered it.  You can, however, stand without holding on for a few seconds.  You love to clap and will clap, then laugh, out of nowhere.  Your claps are usually followed by a "hoooooraaayyy" from mommy!  You love music and will start to dance the minute you hear your first note.  You do a cute little shake with your shoulders and you immediately grin ear to ear.
You can climb the steps, flawlessly and quickly, and do it with delight.  The whole way up you smile and giggle and you are so very proud when you reach the top. At the top, it seems you have learned to stop and wait for help (thankfully) and are even attempting to go down backwards.
One thing that we found you do not like is the parachute.  We do the parachute every week at gym (and once at music) and you do not like it one bit.  This is made clear to us by the shriek and tears that immediate follow the first movement of the spinning parachute.  This is the only time I've seen you cry like this.  But, you do love the rest of the bugs class at the Little Gym, and though you are less of a climber than Ryder was at your age you are certainly very active and love to move around.  In fact, changing your diaper has become quite the challenge in that you are constantly moving and twisting your little body.
Although you seem to be paying attention the the words  we are saying and the way our mouths move when we speak I am not sure that you have mastered too many words yet.  We think we have heard ball more than once and Uncle Jay swears he heard you say fan just yesterday.  Chase, whose verbal skills have always been well beyond his years, is convinced that you have said a number of things, including Spider-man, all of which he has taught you to say!
Without fail if we ask how big Turner is we always get a response of a dimpled smile and two arms thrown up in the air.  Of course we also get this same response to the question "how old are you?" but we are working on the pointed finger.  We still have four weeks to master it.  And, though you laugh at peek-a-boo, you have not yet done it yourself. You love to bang your hands when we chant, "bang, bang, bang, on your drum, drum, drum!
You seem to like books though not necessarily reading them.  Mostly just turning the pages, eating them and putting them on your head.
Your hair continues to come in thick, and light, and curly.  Very curly.  Your eyes are still that stormy blue, or gray, or green, depending on the moment.  People seem to think you are past the point of change, but we will see if we are still heading towards brown.
Mommy and daddy went on a much needed four day getaway this month.  We loved it, though we missed you, and you and your brother's seemed to enjoy your time with your grandparents.  We celebrated Thanksgiving (on mommy and daddy's 6 year anniversary) and it was wonderful to have the family over for a feast.  Daddy, cousin Jamie, and I cooked up a delicious meal and we all had a lot of fun!  Chase, Ryder, Delaney, and Madden had a blast playing together.  It wont be long, turner, before you take part in all of the fun, alongside your cousins, and you will have the thrill of growing up to close cousins, like both your father and I had.  This year for Thanksgiving, we enjoyed the company of Aunt Bonnie. She was thrilled to meet you for the first time and we were thrilled to share stories and laughs with her.  I do believe you charmed her enough that she may start calling you by your given name, and not just your initials.
We helped the Klaus' decorate their Christmas tree and we all had a great time.  Daddy and i, and Aunt Beth and Uncle Dave, loved seeing you guys play with Jackson and we look forward to the growing friendship you will hopefully develop with him.
 We sent out your birthday party invitations and we are excited for the day despite how it came about so quickly.
The months may pass quickly and chaotically but, Turner,  you are the calm of the storm.  You have a demeanor that is soothing, and peaceful, and happy.  you are pleasant and pleasing and it is impossible for me not to smile when I'm with you, holding you, hugging you, loving you. 

You are my sweet baby boy, and every moment of every day I am so proud to be your mommy.
I love you so, Turner Luke.



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