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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Letter to my Son oh his 7th Month Birthday!

Turner on his 7 month birthday

My Dear Angel,

Today you are seven months old. Admittedly, this makes me a bit sad. How has the first half of the first year of your life passed by with hardly a glimpse? How have you evolved so quickly from a tiny, squishy faced newborn to this big, energetic wind-up toy with a smile on your face?
You are such a good boy, you love to laugh and to just be included in whatever is going on.
You are learning to crawl. You get up on all 4 and rock, then inchworm your way across a room.
You can often go the distance and everyday the speed at which you do so increases exponentially.
If I put you into sitting position you can now sit there for a few minutes, enjoying the view from a postured back seat. After a bit, you fall back, not so gracefully!
You can hold your own bottle but only do it occasionally, usually when mommy falls short on the job. Otherwise, you prefer to lay back and relax and let me feed you and cuddle you!
After many weeks, the tooth which has been working its way out has finally broken through and though it is not large enough to show with your smile you definitely have your first tooth!
Just this week you've given me the gift of putting your arms out to reach for me. These little things are my reward! Not that your smile, your laugh, and your warm, snuggly hug are not reward enough. They are. In fact, they are what help get me through my day.
Your laid-back demeanor has a calming effect on me, on everyone. You have a laugh that echoes and makes the room laugh with you.
And, though it may not be often, when you cry you cry so loud it is such a shriek that I feel the need to plug my ears!
Your hair is coming in thicker and curlier every day and it is lighter than either of your brother's hair was when they were your age. Your eyes remain a stormy mix of blues and greys and greens. Just when I think they are on their way to turning the inevitable brown they will be this beautiful light blue and we go back to thinking perhaps they will stay.
On the beach this summer you have been enjoying yourself. We put you down on a clean towel under the umbrella and you manage your way into the sun and sand begging for more. You lay your face into the sand and are only happy when you are fully covered! Your brothers' first time at the beach did not go as well, but within time they were sand eaters themselves.
You are ready for some activities, this I know, and in the Fall we will start filling up your social calendar.
You are getting big (and heavy!) and full of life and it is wonderful to see. I anticipate your growth with delight. Every moment of every day I love you so!!


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