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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look Mommy, There's Daddy

When I first started dating Todd he would say I had a hundred different laughs. A lot of that may have been the young girl in me, smitten with her new man, being coy. But, I suppose I have a range of laughs from giggles and chuckles to big belly laughs. Most of these laughs are not out loud laughs, and though the big belly laugh is seldom it feels so great to experience.
The other day Ryder, along with my own airheadedness, made me laugh so hard I cried. In fact, I am still laughing at the incident even days later, and the laugh is still out loud though I am no longer shedding tears.
Saturday we were having our first family day out since we have become five. Todd had to drop off his car for service at a local gas station and I had the kids and was picking him up. I am not sure where my mind was, but being only four weeks post-partum I will blame baby brain, as I drove right past the gas station I was to get Todd. As we drove past, Ryder said in his cute little voice, "Look Mommy, there's Daddy." His reminder allowed me to turn around quickly but also sent me into absolute hysterics. I laughed so hard tears came down my face. I laughed so hard Chase and Ryder laughed too. I laughed so hard that when Todd called to say "yo dumbass you forgot me" I answered the phone but could not speak and all he heard was my laugh. I did pick him up, we did have our day, but we can't help but wonder how far I would have gotten if Ryder was not in the car.

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