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Friday, February 6, 2009

A Letter to my Son on his One Month Birthday!

Dear Turner,

My sweet love! Today you are one month old. This baffles me, for I am simultaneously amazed at how quickly a month has gone and that it has only been a month. It seems, in many ways, that you have always been with us, as if there was always a place for you in the life we carried on prior to your arrival. The transition has been so natural, and I know it is because you were always meant to be a part of us, you truly completed our family.
Right from the very beginning I knew things were going to be different with the third child. Perhaps it's the confidence of no longer being a first time parent, or the lack of time to sweat the small stuff when there are other kids running around, perhaps it is a million things I am unable to list, but things are certainly different the third time around. Being that I am myself a third child, this really does not come as a surprise. I take fewer pictures, and spend much less time staring at my beautiful you, but each glimpse I do take imprints on both my memory and my heart instantaneously. I savor each moment with a knowing sense of how quickly it all passes and how quickly you will change, you already have. My favorite time with you right now is when I get into bed for the night and you are with me, snuggling on my chest. It's then that I trace your tiny face with my finger, or notice how your ears are blossoming out of the point you were born with. It is then that I watch as your strong baby fingers grasp my finger, and watch your cheeks give the slightest curl as you get ready to have your first smile. It is these moments that I cherish.
At one month old you are an angel of a baby. You have a relaxed disposition that immediately relaxes whomever is holding you. You rarely cry, though you do seem to get a bit gassy at night which causes you some discomfort. You are quite the eater. It's interesting, actually, because you do not look like the type of baby that should eat so much, yet you take 4 ounces (since you are 2 weeks) every three hours, rarely leaving a drop remaining. Although with your brothers I followed a four hour schedule, three hours works for you because amazingly you practically sleep through the night. You do 5 and 6 hour stretches in the middle of the night, which amazes us all.
You have really begun to fill out, your face is round and your chest is thick, but you still have chicken legs. You remind all of us of Ryder, down to the way you are balding and the color of your eyes. They are a beautiful, stormy bluish grey and I love to stare into them. Despite the fact that your eyes are actually getting lighter (they started off a dark brown) I am not expecting them to stay this wonderful shade of blue. No matter the color they end up, your eyes are beautiful, large, round, and full of life. Your eye lashes are starting to come in and I wonder if they will be as long as Chase and Ryder's, and your eye brows are also beginning to show, though they are still light.
You are losing the hair you were born with, balding like an old man all around the top. The hair you are losing is so fine that we are not seeing remnants anywhere, but if I rub my hand over your head my palm will be covered with small, fine hairs.
Your brothers have welcomed you with delight. They give you kisses and help feed and change you. They call you, lovingly, Turner Luke and are seemingly interested in you. It won't be long before you can interact with them and I am sure there won't be anyone who brings a smile to your face quite like them.
You do not prefer the pacifier, though you will take it when you are hungry and it is not quite feeding time. We swaddle you at night and you seem to like it, though there does not seem to be much you do not like other than a wet or dirty diaper. You usually let us know right away and quiet down as soon as it is changed.
At times, I wonder what will become of you as you develop your personality. But, I know that will come in time and I do not want to rush it. For now I continue to be in awe of you; of your beauty, of your disposition, of your patience. You should know that you make daddy and I so proud. We look at you and we are amazed we created you. We see your perfect face, your large hands, your tiny lips, your cute chin, and not a moment goes by that we do not think we are the luckiest parents around.

We are thrilled to call you our son, and we are excited for every day, to watch you grow, to love you so.

I love you beyond measure,

With your brothers

Turner at one month old

Chase and Ryder at one month old

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The Pierce Posse said...

looks like ryder. you seems to be handling it all so well. can't believe its already been a month.