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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Most Valuable Lesson

In the spring of 2015 Chase had his first evaluation to play to ice hockey.  Later that year, as summer ended, Chase began playing in his first season of ice hockey.  Here is that post.

He just finished his second season.  This year he changed teams and joined the Wildcat Warwicks.  At first, he was nervous.  He was unsure of who the other players (aside from the two Rev buddies he joined the team with) and wasn't sure what to expect nor how he would fit in.  But, every moment of this season was beyond anything he could have expected.

Thanks to awesome coaches and teammates, Chase had an amazing year of hockey where he was able to learn, grow, and enjoy his favorite sport.  The Wildcats really focus on skating much more than his previous team had and he showed great improvement in that area. This year, he played Center, a position I had to google to understand his role. Last year he spent a lot of time scoring. This year he spent a lot of time passing. When I asked him why, he said "that's my job and I have awesome wingers I can trust to score!"  He loved every second of it, made some great new friends, and fell even deeper in love with this passion sport.

And, all of that would have been enough.  He never asked for more.  But, as it turned out, at the end of the year awards banquet Chase was awarded the MVP of the team.  Coach Vince presented the award by saying "It isn't always about the guy who scores the goals, but about the guy that sets them up.This guy had the most points on the team, combining goals and assists, and for that he gets MVP."  Additionally, he also earned a hattrick patch (any player with one or hattrick in a game) and a playmaker patch (any player who had 3 or more assists in a game).

Chase was beyond happy, and proud, and knows that he couldn't have gotten there without his teammates who skillfully completed the plays he created, which is the most valuable lesson he could have learned. We are so very proud of Chase.

And, thank you, to Coach Vince, Coach Jesse, and Coach Emmy for helping Chase improve as a hockey player.

The presentation of the award

2016-2017 Wildcats Squirt Maroon

Chase, Jagger, and Quinn.  MVP, Best Defensemen, and Coaches Award.  Most Improved, Nate, was not present that night.