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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Turner's Piano Recital

For Turner's 6th birthday he only asked for a few gifts:

-A robe, which may have been his favorite thing, Thank you Aunt Amy, Uncle Jay, Delaney and Madden.

-Lego sets (thank you 90% of the people who celebrated his birthday)

and, Piano Lessons.

So, with the help of Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, Mom-Mom Jill, and Poppy, (thank you, all), Turner began taking lessons.  Beginning slowly he just went every other week and thrn conflicts (both by us and the teacher) caused us to skip many weeks in between.  But, he kept going.  And, before long came his first piano recital.  10/9/2015

Well-dressed, well-practiced, and bursting with a shy excitement, he got up in front of an audience and performed his first three songs.

We are so proud of you, Turner.  Keep practicing, keep learning.  We look forward to the next one.

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