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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Avi's Bar Mitzvah

Last Shabbos we celebrated Avi's Bar Mitzvah.  He was amazing, and mature, and he looked handsome.  I always love, more than most things, when our family gets together.  Near and far gathered for the simcha and I enjoyed being together and having the boys spend time with their cousins.  Although I am sure there are pictures out there, I took none.   Eventually, they will surface.

But, Saturday night. While the bar mitzvah boy was partying with his friends, many of us gathered at Aunt Barb's to spend time together and, mostly, with the out of towners.

This picture was taken and I just love it.  Cousins are always the best friends you'll have.

Chase (9), Ryder (9), Turner (6), Max (2), Layala (3), and Lily (5)

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