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Monday, November 24, 2014


I've felt high for the entire 6 months of this pregnancy thus far.  Ecstatic. Elated. Energetic. Sure, I've had my "moments" of frustration, anger, sadness- but overall, I feel fantastic.

This second trimester, however, has been, well, interesting on top of everything else.  I am a nesting fool.  Really.  I have felt the need to clean and organize , but mostly, my nesting comes in the form of craftiness.  And, in most cases, I mean by painting.  I am on my third room now. The dining room. Hardly a necessity. But, since I am not ready to do IV's room, yet, I chose a different project.  

Although it is a bit tiring and my arm feels slightly cramped, I've been enjoying it tremendously, and it's not like my house can't use an overhaul. 

I just hope the need, the desire, the energy, continues long enough to get the baby's room done next month. 

I had just nested through the organization of the dining room, and I must say, I was loving it, so neat and so clean. Now, it is in shambles, packed up, and rearranged, so that I can paint monotone- blue on blue stripes onto each of the walls.  

At this rate, every shade of blue should be well represented in my house before I give birth. 

Every pregnancy is different, just as every kid is different.  4th time in you realize that life doesn't stop 'cause your pregnant. It won't even stop 'cause I give birth. It may come to a quick pause, but that will be all.  I've learned I can't sit around waiting for March to come. It will, and quickly.  So, I continue on as if everything is the same as it was 6 months ago. Deep down, I know so much is different, better- but still so much is the same.  

I can't wait to meet you IV. I really can't.  But, since I have to, I am paint some more.  

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