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Thursday, November 20, 2014

6 Months

I stay up entirely too late at night.  I should be sleeping, it's nearly midnight and I am 6 months pregnant. But, I have energy, pregnancy induced, of course, and my hours in the quiet, as the middle of the night approaches, are mine. All mine.  Finally, my feet are up.  Finally, I'm relaxing. I can put my hand on my belly and spend some time feeling my very active baby boy.

He kicks me all day long, let's me know he's there and ready to hit the ground running.  But, during these quiet hours, is when I can sit, and enjoy it.  Feel it. Experience it.  Love it.  

I love being pregnant.  I always have. I wasn't sure that being pregnant at nearly 40 would be this enjoyable.  But is is. Perhaps even more so. The surprise still lingering, the joys of the unexpected, and the wonderful feeling of being pregnant, this time- for the last time.  

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