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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Pre-School Graduate

Turner graduated Pre-School!  I understand this is no big feat.  Every 5 year old, well most, transition through this same milestone, many without much praise.  But, still, my baby is done with pre-school and on to the big public school.  He could not be more excited.

For someone who can't remember what she did earlier in the day (you think I am kidding?) you may find it hard to believe that I remember the day Turner started pre-school.  It was just before his 2nd birthday and up to that point he wasn't ready.  Ok, maybe I wasn't ready.  But, then, he was ready.   And, he showed it everyday.  And, I had to give up 6 hours a week with my favorite little side kick.  He loved school right from the very first day.    He was shy, at first, and didn't speak for most of that year, yet he communicated with a smile that gave answers and eyes that told stories.

And, now, 3 years have passed.  My shy baby boy who quietly blushed and batted his eyelashes is a big(ger) boy who is, somehow, kindergarten ready.  He still has his shy side, his insecurities creep out, yet he has blossomed into a charming and delightful boy.  He is a friend, he is a brother, a leader, and an example.  He is caring, and thoughtful, and empathetic in ways that make me proud but I am unable to take responsibility for.

He had the best teachers, beginning with Miss Barbara and Miss Jodi, then Miss Kathryn and Miss Ilene, then Miss Robin and and Miss Beth, and finally, with Miss Randi and Miss Joyce.  I owe each of them a huge THANK YOU!

With his graduation came my departure from Ohev Shalom's Pre-School.  I am sad to be leaving the community, the experience has been wonderful.  I leave with many friends, lots of memories, and nothing but fond experiences and memories for all of my boys.

Turner is excited to be a bulldog.  He wants to go to school with his brothers.  He leaves Ohev with a smile and a tear.  He made his very best friends within those walls, friendships that will last a life time.   He learned his colors, his letters, his numbers, and how to write his name.  He learned jewish history, jewish songs, prayers, and the holidays.  He learned about dinosaurs, and body parts, and metamorphosis. But, mostly, he learned to be confident in who he is.  He learned he is special and wonderful and kind.  He learned that he is Turner and he should be proud of that. I  know I am.

I wish my baby boy all the luck in the world as he strips away the "baby" leading his name and becomes the wonderful big kid that he is.

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