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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lady Killer!

Ryder is my poet.  I've mentioned that before.  For all of his rambunctious energy and daring thrills he is also very sensitive.  And, now, it turns out, very romatntic.  Earlier this year he fell in love with a blonde beauty from his class.  He would mention her, always with a grin, and tell me how she would barely talk to him, and that sometimes he was too shy to talk to her.    He would color in pictures of Strawberry Shortcake to give her (her favorite) always careful to use just the right amount of her favorite color, purple.  He told me, more than once, that he would let her in front of him in line (ah, he IS a gentleman.)  And, I am sure it wasn't a coincidence that the few school shows I went in to see he was always standing next to her.  On field day, while the blue team was trying to beat the white team, Ryder took a break from the competition to offer her a four - leaf clover he had found in the field (he never has been much of the competitive type!)

Before the school year finished out he got up enough courage to call her and leave a quiet and shy message.  Through email conversation I had told the mother that he wanted to ask her on a date, to which she replied, she can't date until she is 16.  Ryder handled it well, though he did start marking the days from the calendar until her 16th birthday.  Even this summer he mentions her often, quietly wondering when he will see her again.  School is really soon, I tell him!!

But, something else had happened over this summer.   Though he claims this is not love, and she is just a regular friend,* he did manage to:  1. ask a girl for a play date;  2. get her number;  3. write it down;  4. call her up;   and 5.  leave a message;  ALL ON HIS OWN.  All I did was offer a few encouraging words along the way (and reminded him, like any mom would, that SHE would be LUCKY to have him call her!)

Even more.  The girl, who was too embarrassed to call him back (as I'd expect many 6 year olds to be,)  used her mom as a spokesperson, but has agreed to play date.  When her mother, kind as she was, told me that not only was Ryder's message adorable and so polite** but when she asked R about her gentleman caller her daughter replied "Mom, he is really nice!!"

So, it turns out, my boy took a break from climbing the rock wall and farting with his arm pit to take a chance with a girl.  And, though he claimed there was an eye roll first, he got her number.  How 'bout them apples?

Less than a week later we spent a dinner play date with R and her sister E (who is Turner's age!)  Everyone had a great time, even their mom and me.   Oddly, R has another sister, who is 9.  This makes me giggle because I always say Chase likes the older ladies.   Can you say triple date?

R, and her sisters, and their mom are all great.  My boy chooses wisely!!

*What exactly is the difference between a girlfriend and a regular friend at the age 6?   Please advise.

** I've always said that if I left the boys alone for five minutes about their manners they would, likely, know when to use them.  Turns out that may be true since he made the phone c

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