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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turner saunters

Turner doesn't walk.  No, he saunters.  In and out of the classroom, the store, around the house.  He saunters to a rhythm, swingings his hips and strutting, and giving you every indication that he has music in his head.   If you know Turner this doesn't come as a surprise as his personality is one that requires a sauntering.  He is silly and funny and, still, cool as can be.   He is quiet and shy but extremely flirtatious, then in an instant can turn it on to be the life of the party and the loudest person in the room.   Everyone likes Turner.  Everyone knows Turner.  The boys want to be his friend, the girls want to be his girlfriend, and I don't say this because he is my kid, though it does sound that way.

So, yep, Turner saunters when he walks and somehow it is perfectly appropriate.

Saunter is actually an action verb.  Would have been an appropriate name for my son:)

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