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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Brother Did it!

Admission of guilt does not come easily by the boys.  Chase will tell a lie somewhere between little white and not so white as to what happened.  Ryder pleads the 5th, doesn't say a word, and looks at you with big eyes of wonder.   Todd and I have gotten good at discerning truths.  When in doubt we ask Turner who, somehow, is the most accurate of reporters and a rule follower.
Tonight we went to dinner and I allowed Chase to take in the DSI which, just so happened to be Ryder's.  He played for a bit before dinner came, then put it away as instructed upon the foods arrival.  After the dinner he did not eat he returned to the gaming system only for its batteries to run out.  He put it aside.

I've made it clear since the day the boys got their DSI's that if they are careless and lose them or break them they WILL NOT be replaced.

So, after dinner we left the restaurant.  And, as usual it took us some time to get out of the parking lot. Lucky it did, because our kind waitress came running out, DSI in hand, telling us we forgot it.

I looked at Chase, knowing it was he who had forgotten it.  He looked at Ryder then said "look, it's Ryder's!". Which it was, technically.

I asked calmly, "which of you left the DSI inside" the two boys looked at me considering the question, looked at each other, and in the most twin-like gesture of their lives, they each pointed an outstretched finger on a limp wrist at the other one.   They didn't say a word.  I, being the queen of discipline, had the natural response. I laughed.  Loud. It was funny.  They hardly ever have the moment of "exactness" and yet, here it was, over the dumbest of matters.

After my laughter subsided I reminded Chase that he took it in to the restaurant, and that he was lucky our server got it to us or he would have to sacrifice his DSI to his brother.

I wish I had a picture of the moment because these words are hardy emphasizing the humor.

Every now and again, in spite of their differences, the do remind me that they are in fact twins!!

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